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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Views of an eclectic Monk

I was called that once by a lady i was seeing once and i considered being called an "eclectic Monk" a high complement.
Because of my own views and interpretations of things, I try to look at this life and live it differently than many others. So I may digress at different points in this points, but stay with me.

Since what is called the New testament was sorted through and compiled by one man way back at the end of the Roman Empire (all those who are break-offs from the Catholic Church and not not like one man being infallible, should take special note of this fact), I believe those books are a guide and have been pretty much directed as a way to live, but not a literal "Word of God". If I believe anything it was that Jesus was that Word and so i try to look at what he taught.
There are many things written about him, but the general thing i see, is that he hung around the worst people of the society, the tax collectors, the poor, the working poor, prostitutes and people everyone else looked down on. he did not seem to care much for people who wanted power over other people.
He was also beyond non-violent, to the point it makes Gandhi look like a gun toting terrorist.
He stood his ground on what he believed and taught others the same.
He got angry, but never hurt anyone.
And I do believe the whole ending, including coming back.
What does that do to me?
It makes me attempt pacifism at every turn. there is no Country or cause worth fighting for, this is all about power and control, but there are other ways.
My example - I was working at a club doing Laser light shows. It was late and I enjoy the crowds, but they were thinning out and one girl was dancing alone (Hip Hop solo style) and so it was great to watch.
Some guy had too much to drink and was bothering her. She pushed him away twice and then I just stepped in between him and her and told him to leave her alone.
He was drunk and started swinging. Years of a "defensive Tea Kwon Do" training. blocked every strike, but i did not strike back. After a few moments of a flurry of attempts to hit me he stopped. I went and got the bouncers. They told him they were going to kick him out for the night, but if he ever wanted to come back, he would have to apologize to me. He did and I accepted.
The girl kept dancing.
If I could be that way with everything, I would.
It is not easy.
I admire those monks in Burma (no I will not use the new name) and those in Tibet.
I try my best not to hate, but it is tough some times, but i try.
This of course affects my attitude toward everything, even my adventure with the Tumor and Double vision.
There are things to learn.
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