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Friday, September 4, 2009

Another story - Mary

My muse is returning. i can feel it sneaking up, just around the corner, but before it takes over, there is another story to be told.
Mary was the niece of the friend with whom I came to Connecticut with.
I met her some time after coming here tho.
She was bold, unpretentious and daring.
She was a bit younger than me, but she went a different way before i had a real chance to know her.
She was married to someone sometime before Penny died.
That person was not a good influence, he dealt drugs, she became addicted.
He was sent to prison and taken out of her life, but not before he gave her an HIV infection.
Her addiction brought her to shoplift and she was caught and sent to prison.
Some where and some how, while in prison (she was back and forth a few times) she cleaned up.
When she cleaned up her mother would go to visit and asked me to accompany her for the 2 hour ride.
I did so gladly, I have no issue with any kind of person.
I got to know her a bit and then she was released.
She stayed clean, but the infection took its toll and soon became AIDS.
Her attitude was still brash and refreshing and she would speak her mind, it was refreshing.
She came to live with John and David and I at some point and it was good to get to know her, but she was dying and she knew it.
She showed me how to love and live life, even tho death was in her face.
I learned that lesson last year.
There were times she needed comforting, I would hold her hands and hug her and let her talk.
I know hoe the virus is transmitted and none of those thing were any danger for me. She was not a "pariah", not a leper, she was a human being who was dying and needed comfort.
She stayed with us a bit over a year and I got to know her and love her, i also came to find out she had always loved me.
Then the dementia took its toll and she no long knew who we were are who she was.
She spent her last 2 months in a very special Hospice called "Bread and Roses".
She died there, but left me with many gifts of memories and some times I think I hear her calling me and just directing me to love life a bit more.
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