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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflections

I am up early - come what, 7 ish, sitting on the porch. It is quite.
I have to go in at some point to work.
No one else in the lab knows what to do with these samples, or has an interest.
A bird with lots of yellow on it flits among the flowers, I think it is an oriole.
Another, with just a touch of yellow on his breast, flits among the branches of the shrubs, it is a warbler.
There is a child laughing in one of the houses, i reflect.
The children of this neighborhood, play very well together, even the one who has "issues" (his mother and father are in jail and he stays with with grandmother).
They all seem to like me, for what ever reason.
Every so often, friends of the neighborhood children come over and there is a polarization and the "difficult" child is an outcast. I do not like these other children.
They do not come around often, so most of the time all the children play well with each other.

Last night I challenged myself, I went with friends to the St. Leo church fair.
There are a lot of people who go. It is the most well attended church fair in the area.
I have not been in that level of crowds since the operation.
I did fine and ate raw oysters (yes, I know all about them and so what I do is with full knowledge) and steamed shrimp and pizza fritta.

I do one set of the eye exercises using the hybiscus flowers as focal points.

It is a beautiful Saturday morning.
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