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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day cookout

We had the 2 members of the community up from Virginia for this weekend, so of course I got to celebrate by cooking a BBQ.
I know it was a bit cool, but that made it even more important.
I keep wanting all of to get down there and I know it will happen, just as i know that there will be a time that my double vision will become single again.

There are advantages to the current economic problems, Iceland did not buy up the Maine lobsters, so they are at a very reduced price and so that was on the menu.
I wanted scallops for some time and they also happened to be on sale - lucky me.
Cherry tomatoes and then onions.
Store bought zucchini and then a nice eggplant from the garden.
These were cut in half, soaked with olive oil and garlic and salt and put on the grill.
Corn was also on sale.
The corn i buttered first with a mint butter (melt butter with mint, then strain), the grilled with the husks on (should have soaked the husks, but forgot so they caught fire).
I set up skewers with onions, tomatoes and scallops.
The scallops I had marinated in a butter and orange juice (the orange flavor was lost).
For one person who was a shellfish allergy, I pulled out the last 2 pieces of beef tenderloin that I had made something like 4 meals already out of and marinated that in burgundy wine, cayenne pepper and a bit of brown sugar. The cayenne got lost, but showed up when i cooked the mushrooms with the marinate.
I cooked everything not seafood first, so there would be no chance of anaphylaxis (she has had that before).

The peppers from my garden (Hot and sweet)
The last of the lettuce, started a salad.
That was followed with scallion and chives and basil and parsley ( all from the garden).
Finishing with 2 beautiful large tomatoes from the garden.

What a feast!

There were 7 of us and there are left overs to nibble on.

To all the new followers, thank you for stopping by.
My life has been, well, interesting since the operation and any chance I get to celebrate, i do.

This was a great celebration.
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