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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It only took a day

Inside the clutter was overwhelming,
Little unmeaning traps set for me to trip.
One fads out, play violent video games that i must escape.
Things to do, so much to do.
A clean uncluttered house is not mine to have,
the plants have come inside to give even the cluttered house a warm feeling.
There are marvelous smells to excite the senses.
There is comfort also, for those who can, care.
I step outside, the fresh, cool wind blows,
wiping my frustrations and worries.
Blowing them away.
The air is crisp, but not frosty.
The sky is clean and blue.
I am Not at work today.
It only took a day...


At the job yesterday, more results came in filling in the pieces of the puzzle have have been striving with.
They fit, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
My poor boss is also overwhelmed and argued with me about my concerns about my pay.
He found the problem, it was his. they will fix it now.

At home, I wanted to grill a salmon.
I love grilled Salmon.
There is a smoky wood I use, but it was too cool for grilling, I went inside.
I became creative.
Nothing is precisely measured and there are still herbs in the garden.
Fresh dill, finely chopped, mixed with yogurt and lemon and salt coated the salmon.
Jasmine rice with chopped basil and white wine.
Broccoli florets with olive oil and a bit of salt.
More basil to pick, i made an emulsion of basil and olive oil and salt and lemon.
The salmon could have cooked hotter and faster to crisp the skin, but it was wonderful.
The florets of broccoli, arranged like one large bunch.
The emulsion was a bit tart, so I add the sugar i could find, but I would have preferred brown sugar. that went on the plate along one side.
The rice next to the broccoli.
The yogurt crusted salmon just touching the basil emulsion.
This time I got raves.
I thought i might try to plate a bit, it worked.
I am always learning.
It was nice to look forward to 2 days off.
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