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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A failed experiment

Just finished working 4 hours today, yesterday I worked four hours, tomorrow I work again, but Tuesday and Wednesday...I am off.
It was not so bad today, but I asked John to cook tonight, I have be way too tired. The work gives my eye a lot of strain. I do not know how it did not do what it has been doing, but it was not bad.
I know i was a bit aggravated over a piece in our local newspaper on this Scofieldtown thing.
Seems residents think that the trace amounts of chloroform and other trichlorocarbon speices are going to kill them.
Funny, those are by products of chlorine disinfection and the water company water has much more than the trace amounts found in the wells.
The proable source of the chlorinated compounds? Using bleach in the laundy and for cleaning. Anyway...

The day is beautiful, crisp and clear after all that rain yesterday and not cold, just cool.
I really did not want to go into work, but it is finished.

Oh, the experiment that failed?
That was at home.
I wanted to extract the color and menthol out of my mint and had some vodka downstairs (nasty stuff, I do not know where it came from, but I do not drink it) and so I used it. It seemed to work, the chlorophyll was coming out, the mint flavor came out. I wanted to eliminate the alcohol...
Oops, that meant I eliminated the menthol also, the main flavor i wanted.
What did I get?
Green colored, chlorophyll (think grass) tasting water.
Okay, back to the lab for some intelligence next time and maybe a new brain.
Better yet, maybe a bit of rest would stop some of this. So I will try again Wednesday.
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