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Saturday, October 3, 2009

It was a Dark and Stormy...

Actually it was this afternoon the Thunderstorm hit, beautiful in its violence and ferocity. Lots of rain also. I was in the lab working when it hit, so I had a great view (the lab is on the 8th floor), but I had a lot of work an could only view it for a bit.
The rest of the day I as spinning.
That is what happens many times when i turn around, even slowly.
That is also what i feel like my life is like as of late.
Working weekends assists that feeling, I think this is the last weekend for both days.
I will be taking 2 days during the week. One to visit the optometrist/head trauma specialist in New York.
The other to have off.
I can not even do much during those days off, just veg.
The work on the weekend has been intense, up to twenty samples to process and check and prepare to send to the state. I do 6 tests on each before they are sent off on Monday.
I seemed to be designated as the "Authority" on well water and the various tests by higher ups. That gets me a lot more phone calls during the week.
The other person in the lab really does not want to do anything with it, she is our clinical person and I do not blame her, some of the people need a soft and understanding touch, which she does not have.
Walking home has been a bit tough because I am so tired, but I need at least that much exercise.
So I am spinning, not out of control, but spinning never the less.
For what ever reason, it helps me to know when whatever I am doing is helping others.
that is why I go out of my way to call attention to others who are regulars (or not) on this blog who are dealing with a great or many great issues. I know emotional support is really important, I do not think i would be here if i did not have the support of so many.
And so my mind wanders, almost aimlessly, but i think there still is purpose.
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