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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am still a bit off the wall

These E mails still are getting to me. The last one was not so hateful, but it missed something important.
For those who read this and do not claim to be "christian", this tirade really does not pertain to you.
Those others, well read on.
We as a people or race like to blame everything on someone or something else.
We do not like to take responsibility for much of anything, yet in reality, most of the things we complain about, especially in this country, can be laid squarely at our own feet.
The lastest is to blame some organization for trying to take Christ out of Christmas, yet when the stores opened on Sundays, we were very happy and flocked to them, basically telling them we did not believe in a day of rest.
When the Christmas displays kept showing up earlier and earlier, we bought early, telling the stores that Christmas was only a commercial holiday and had no religeous significance.
Christmas is only a day, among many and is really not a particular day anyone was born, but a day some church fathers decided that such a day would be celebrated.
Giving is for every day, niot just for this holiday.
Ask the food pantries that serve those without. Thanksgiving and Christmas, their pantries are full, but coem summertime, they are begging for donations.
Enough of my stupidness.
I like to celebrate and I do enjoy this time of year and no one can take my spirituality out of this season, except me and I choose to embrace it!
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