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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its cold, but I am better

Well the incendiary e-mails stopped, my mind is in a better frame of mind and it is cold outside, so nothing has anything to do with each other.
I do not like explaining my spirituality, it is more action than an explanation and these past couple of posts have been a bit strange to me.
The easiest way is describe a situation, I know someone who has had a rough time the past few years, but will never ask for anything.
On occasion, as I talk to them, I find out things.
Like they had to spend a thousand dollars on car repairs just before Christmas and so will not even have a tree,
Of course i bring that up at at house and we will be getting them a tree (artificial with decorations and some simple gifts) and food for Christmas dinner.
The person is proud, but has learned that unlike many other people, if I give something,i do not expect anything back.
I have to pry to find out their needs so I am sure there is no "using' going on.
That is my spiritually.
I will always keep tabs on them during the year to make sure they have food in the house because there are times they do not (3 children involved here).
If they were Jewish, I would get what ever was appropriate for their belief. They do not have to be anything, just someone in need.
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