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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My heart stopped beating for just a moment, but now I am back.

The strangeness of the past week appears to be past, I looked on the calender and it was a year ago today that they put me under and shut off the pump which was removing the Cerebral spinal fluid and i woke up knowing who i was with both my heart and mind aware, together.
I still do not recall last Christmas, but i remember the one before and I remember last New Years.
I suppose there was so much trauma, that some memory will be skipped.
I knew i was unable to cook Thanksgiving dinner last year and so made up for it this year.
Christmas, I made a few wedding cookies, but they were not that good.
This year I have my plan and am going Greek!
I remember making baklava and other wonderful things with my mother growing up, and so this year i will be making some of my own twists on the traditional.
Baklava, with pecans and mincemeat?
Tiropitta (cheese in filo) with some different syrups, almond, orange and plain.
Maybe Spanakopitta.
Kourambietes and kouloria.
Some candied citrus peels.
Those I will give as gifts and have around the house also.
I go Italian (somewhat) on Christmas eve with fish and probably a pork loin for christmas.
I think i am getting excited!
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