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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Am I who i say I am?

The world of blogging has done much to bring to birth a side that had long remained hidden,
coming out only to paint a few pictures and not much more.
This unusual, creative side is fun, spontaneous ad full of surprises, both light and dark.
I think it has been one of the main reasons that I can handle this "forever" recovery.
There is another side of me, very geeky.
It comes out often at work and people think I am strange because of it.
Well, the truth be told, I am strange, but both sides of me are melding now and I actually enjoy the slight insanity.
Some simple examples
  1. I started dancing around when my new instrument had a linearity range from 0.05 mg/L (parts per million) to 50 mg/L with an r coeficient of 1!
  2. Getting to analyze things I have not been able to do causes spontaneous laughter.
  3. I get really mad when people show total lack of concern for others from the things we find out at the lab  "It's not my job" is unacceptable.
  4. I get a kick about having a different position, because of what I understand, from the rest of the people.  I can get very passionate defending it.
  5. Figuring out computer problems before our IT department can respond is something to crack open the champagne!
  6. Writing a piece of complicated code (Visual basic only) that does exactly what i want it to is another cause for yelping and clapping.
So you can see, I am strange and in one sense getting stranger since the creative and the technical side seem to be merging ...

By the way, tonight is a comfort food night - probably fried (or baked) corn flaked crusted chicken.
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