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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A day of "it did not"

IT did not snow 2 feet.
It did not even flurry.
I did not paint any of the photos I wanted to.
I did not stay indoors.
I did not cook a comfort meal last nightr.
I did not cook at all.
Yesterday I got a call and something which had been pending for a long time was going to happen.
(I know this almost sounds like Dr Seuss, without the rhyme.)
It was not a bad call, it was the final pull out from Twenty.
The Greeks were finally allowing Scott to pull out His own stuff (furniture, sound systems, decorative items)
Much was already removed (furniture especially), but we packed 2 rent-it trucks full.
We worked from 2 till 9 PM to finish.
And it is now over, save the lawsuits.
While it was some what sad, it also was, to me a final victory in a long struggle.
While waiting for the final phone call that would get us into the closed place, I did a quick paint sketch of inside our house.

The person at the computer is our Christmas Guest who helped mightily with our removal yesterday afternoon.  The plant is a Hibiscus and it is huge!

Tonight  will do more comfort food, but this morning I made a Greek favorite Pan - Kakis,
The story is an old family one from the late 1930's or early 1940's when an uncle for Greece visited my mom's family in Virginia beach.
For whatever reason it seems that Greeks like to talk long walks in the morning and so my mom's uncle took this long walk down the board  walk of Virginia Beach and came back saying that "This Greek fellow, who owns a lot of restaurants on the boardwalk, must be a rich man.  They asked who it was and he said his name is every where - pankakis (with of course a heavy Greek accent).
Of course he was talking about the pancake houses.
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