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Friday, February 19, 2010

continued 4 of...

I did not know where i was going with this:

Gaps in the memory.
Pieces not remembered from photographs.
People unknown to memory, tho others say you were there.
What does that say?
Teachers telling your parents you will not amount to much.

or maybe not.

There are pictures, strange from early.
Verified by others from when you were 2 and 3.
Then the gaps begin.
An uncle well remember for long walks and kind and gentle speech.
A Grandfather not remembered.
A city, the very thought of makes you happy, but no specifics.
A chieftain of the Cherokee nation, remembered from a short visit.
A horse out in dusty Big Bend,
but not a dog.
A front yard remembered with golden sparkles of fireworks trailing down,
but not the house where you lived.
Smelting lead figures and catching a small fish in a ditch.
A Mulberry tree,
but not the pie.
Dew berries and the pie!
Long rides in empty dessert counting any animal and dust devil along the way.
A bear and a moose and the antelope in Wyoming.

Memories, accompanied and shaped by what?
He does not know.

They make a life and then story is continued.
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