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Friday, February 19, 2010

The divides

The lines between light and dark,
waking and sleeping,
Dream and reality,
are blurring!
It is hard for me to know what day it is
or what time it is.
The mange emaciated wolf lay dead at my feet.
I had killed him with my bare hands 
after he had tried to kill my duck and lamb and goose
and would not listen to reason.
They were okay, but I felt sorry for him.
This was but a dream.
She asked if I would marry her,
I quickly responded yes
and she said get a ring and laughed.
It was only in fun for she was my friend.
That was reality.
Mucho viento y mucho frio esta tarde!
There was much wind and it was cold this afternoon on my walk home,
That was reality.
She caressed my face and laughed softly,
smiling, holding me tightly,
so it seemed I had no breath left.
That was only a dream.
Day and times are confusing
and I no longer know
if i am in the dark or the light;
awake or asleep.
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