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Friday, February 26, 2010

Do I dare?

Some time ago (it seems like forever because it was before the tumor operation), I was given a talking to about my blogging by the now former director of health.
It was obvious in the conversation he wanted no work related information, including public health department notices (for example flu shot clinics) and environmental issues.
I simply refused, i knew i was the "expert" on the environment (that is why everyone asks me for information) and i also was the person passing most of the information out to the public.  I realized i could not talk about the stupid office games that went on, but that was okay with me, it was not as important.
I separated my blog so environmental issues could be posted there (Joey K on the Environment) and continued.
Today was the Health Directors last day and it obvious he did not like the job, he does not want to ever look back and really, really wants to get out of here.
I am glad he has another job and i am glad he is out of here also.
I was always told never to burn bridges, but there were enough "burning bridges" comments through out the day that i actually feel sorry for him.  This was not his thing, i hope he is going to something that is.
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