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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Those I read!

There are many who read and comment and this blog and most of you I read and comment back, some I just read.
The question is why?
What is it about each blogger that attracts me to what they write?
Of course few can actually understand the strange challenge i face daily with the unusual side effects of having a large tumor removed.  The fact that my eyes are fairly significantly crossed so that i see double is only part of it.  As I move my eyes from side to side, they wiggle, moving rapidly so i can not hold an image still.  Of course this is exhausting and the doctors call it a "palsey" of the optic never.  Nevertheless, i am adapting and pushing through all of it.  I do have what i read from each one of you to thank for the encouragement that i read in each of your stories.

So here is the real list and it is taking me several days to get this correct.

Kevin of  Always Home and Uncool is a local Stamford Blogger, a professional writer and although i can not relate to person with children experientially, usually leaves me laughing out loud while reading his blog.  Of course he is also dealing with a child who has an severe autoimmune disease.  Did i say i learn perseverance from him?

Ricardo at U N L O A D E D is a favorite to teach me perseverance. As an aspiring actor with a lot of talent, it is good to see him get breaks and move forward.  Did i say he encourages me?

Barry at An Explorer's View of Life - how do I say courage any better than you have.  There is much to learn from you!

jeannette stgermain of  mysteries not only is an artist (like i attempt to be) with another website ART NOTES,  but also does share some professional insights as a therapist and some of the beauty of California.

Grant at Discombobulatingrant - you  are dealing with serious health, money and employment issues in a very unique way, not the way that works for me, but obviously works for you,,,you actually crack me up with your comments.  You also show great courage in all that you are facing.

Misalyn of *My Scraps and Patches in Al Ain* -a different world that I have never visited in person, I like to open my perspective.  Of course you also write Nurse On Call about being a pediatric nurse and your ability to do this astounds me.

Sardine Mama of Sardines in a Can talks of living in Texas and has long stories that keep my spirits smiling!

With Libby at thoughts...usually with attitude...  it some times feels like we are the same coin, but different sides.  So many times she seems to be going through the same emotional/soulful/spiritual places as I.  Did i say she gives me encouragement?

So many people/  I am glad I can read fast, but not tonight for my eyes bother me.

more tomorrow!

Tes at craftista  is living in my home town and some times makes me home sick!  One of a large group of Philippina bloggers who have left their country and moved all over the world.  I find courage and relate to this a great deal.

betchai at The Joys of Simple Life  - i love your travels and your pictures, keep them coming!

Steve Borichevsky at Shooting my Universe  one of the many photographic artist that captures things with his camera that always inspire me!  And he is sooo good!

Lou at SUBDURAL FLOW also inspires me with her perseverance against a very difficult situation that seems to be okay at this time.  I think I am holding my breath when I read her writing.

The Salitype Society  - more Philippina persons connecting at one blog posting different things.  Some is just awesome! Betchi, Chay, Tes, Cher, Eng, Maricar, MJ Browning, Ruthi and Zen.
Besides some of their culture, they also share a lot of beauty of this world that I do not normally get to see.  Their kindness is contagious.

AL at Burnt Chicken Republic gives me more trips to the Philippines with her photos of daily life.

krista at ~my life as i see it~ is an advocate, one who does not talking about the violence toward women.  Her courage inspires me.

Enemy of the Republic at Cruel Virgin  was one of the first blogs outside of the area i visited and her struggles and insights into life are often very helpful.

Gail at KNOW YOUR "IT'S" also talks of several struggles, one the past one the present and you also encourage me greatly!

The list keeps going and I am not even near my home yet!

Dawn of  Extra Ordinary Me .  Normal struggles of an extra normal person?  Maybe or not, still tha act of learning is your gift to me!

Droomvla at MY HODGEPODGE - another person ksut living!  It helps me breath.

Jesusa at Jesusa's Corner - still another learning to love life and all it has to offer!  Keep reminding, lest i forget!

Ily at another day in paradise - you see so much and some times your stories make me laugh, some times cry.  Your painting also inspires me to keep going!  Of course reading about a warm place in the winter is very helpful as well!

Artful Chica at ARTFUL CHICA'S STUDIO - another artist!  i like artists!

EastCoastLife at eastcoastlife now you are dealing with still one more thing and you are making the best of it!  That helps me with the "one more thing!"

Woman in a Window at In Through The Back Door if there is one person who i can blame for awakening the freestyle poet in me, it is you. This blog and your other  WOMAN IN A WINDOW have set my soul on fire in ways that i can barely describe,

Suma CM at Cogito Ergo Suma :: Suma's Art Blog  - a closer to home artist who posts her watercolor sketches of the places she visits.  I like to go places that way.

Bruce Coltin at Coltin1948 spins long stories of things that (i believe) are true in a marvelous and entertaining way!  We all need this kind of entertainment because the stories are inspirational!

thailandchani at Finding My Way Home  deals with things i do not think i could and so i also learn a great deal from her.

Lori at Clarity in muddy waters struggling with grief and all the stones that life can throw at you.  You encourage me in the way you work through all those struggles!

 sweetmango at sweetmangoLOVE  perhaps i love your Buddhist nature or that you live Australia or that you talk about Love in the midst of pain.  It all works...

Annie Coe at Blissful-Bohemian - you live in my favorite part of the world and you are an artist and you have such compassion,  That is what I learn from you!

We start to get to people who write more on my area...

matthew houskeeper at SOUNDBOUNDER  you talk all about the Long Island Sound i only see a part of (plus you post inspirational pictures!).

patty at the WingDangDoo has been encouraging throughout my ordeals and i love when she does write.

For news around town I look to StamfordNotes at Stamford Notes, Streets of Stamford at Streets of Stamford,  Strictly Stamford at Strictly Stamford!, Stamford Talk at Stamford Talk: Eat, Think, Drive, Blog!,  JT at BlogStamford, and and occational poster lvtfan at StamfordCT.

People who have not written much lately and that i miss terribly include cherie at This Side of Town, Julie at Trials and Tribulations, Mel at Thinking Aloud, azure at Pheromone Girl Grows Up and Medha at Medha's Momesty.

There are a few left that i look at occasionally, but most of you are up here because you have captured my heart.
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