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Monday, March 1, 2010

progression of a painting

This is probably the best evidence I can present on the effects the tumor had on me.

First a series of photographs of a "daffodil" farm in 2005.

Now my attempt to paint this, when I knew my ability to paint was gone, but I was still trying.
again this is 2005.
A year later, i tried again for a close friend who requested a painting of it after i described it, still a no go in my eyes.

Now I challenged my self, 3 failed attempts, what would it turn out like now?

Any thoughts?

It was more difficult than i thought it would be, demanding attention to detail.  That attention was what made my painting (as far as watercolor goes) different.
One odd thing, although i have a large collection of brushes, i find my self using only 2 or three favorite ones...
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