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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Figuring out about your self, without trying

It was a simple stress test, you know the one, where you get on a tread mill that varies in sped and slope.
Where you are hooked up with all kind of leads to monitor your heart.
It begins slow and increases until you can not go anymore.
I was into the final phase of it and something deep inside was nagging me.
As I was breathing harder, it became stronger.
Long before I was finished, I stopped.
And there it was staring at me in the face, fear,
of not being able to breath.
I talked to a friend who immediately said that fear is cellular and I understood.
When I was on that operating table a year and a half ago and I stopped breathing, I remembered.
I was afraid. then and it came back now and I had no idea how strong it was!
There are more things that opened up and so my adventure is once again, an adventure.
Now it reaches deep into my soul and address...
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