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Friday, March 26, 2010

The process

The sky is clear,
The sun is warm,
but the wind is bitter and cold!
The journey of my soul is not done.
One small crack in the walls i have made
and the flood begins to rush in.
How could i know
that there was so much more to know?

The incident with the stress test started something that went way far back in my life.  I guess that is what things like this do, they reach back far in the past to sources, cracks in the dam.  Where weakness came in.
Through all these years, i have dealt with emotional things that had a root in fear and now it is like a light has been put on it.
God may heal all things, but we have to allow it.  And the only way to allow it is to know about it.
Ah, this crazy adventure i am on!
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