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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Confounding thoughts

I wander.
in a fog so dark, my blurred vision seems to pale beside it,
The strange double vision,
which seems to have become my friend these long nights,
i prefer over the darkness of …
confusion, and hopelessness that I feel.
Pain and anguish come to my heart,
yet i do not understand the source.
I struggle and fight
And yet no end seems in sight for this darkness in my soul.
I know neither the days, nor weeks, nor even the years during this long struggle,
They are but a blur to my mind.

It is a strange thing to think,
but what was my greatest strengths have become my greatest weakness
and my greatest weaknesses... have becomes my greatest strengths.
This confuses me …
And gives me comfort at the same time!

Life still lives
And in the midst of all confusion,
i know that this will pass.
And there will be sunlight and gentle rain and peace,
replacing this confusing and unknown anguish of my soul.

To brighter days and joy.
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