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Friday, April 30, 2010

I almost walked out the door without my glasses on today

No, really.
It was not because i was confused,
but because i have been doing things mornings without them.
It is not because i am seeing singly again,
because although there is interesting improvement, i still see double.
It is because i have learned how to mostly work around the 2 images and do things anyway.
I make mistakes, like i took out 3 cans of clams and three of crab for my linguine and clam sauce tonight (i corrected it when i came home),
but they are not critical.
Of course, now i am home, i am exhausted from a very busy and intense week,
i survived.
This morning it was chilly,
now it is summer and i love it!
I have songs still to sing in my heart,
they will be coming shortly.
i am fine, tho tired.
It is Friday!
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