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Sunday, April 4, 2010

It has NEVER been "Why me?"

Not when they found the large tumor.
Not when they said it must come out.
Not when i heard them say "He's not breathing people!"
Not when I woke with double vision that has stayed this long time.
Not when my brain went concave and I lost cognition.
Not when i came out of it and realized what had happened.
I have questioned "How long?"
Only to go through another learning process and find something truly valuable on the other side.
The troubles and difficulties have always resulted in some learning and I no longer know when, but i do know it will end.
This is mt adventure!
What did i learn this time?
I am still learning it, but i finally understand that compassion is not looking from afar and feeling for the person, that is actually arogant pity.
It is feeling what they feel, no matter what words they use or tone it comes out in.
It is understanding the heart of the person suffering, and just being with them.
This was an intense lesson and it is not over.
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