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Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a post

Well I have now written over 500 posts on this blog.  i forgot the 500th posting, but it was a bit ago.
I have no idea why that is important, but it is.
i have used it to go back and look at where i have come from, what i have gone through because that was why i posted.   figured if i wrote down as much as i could i might understand all that has happened,
My present is the sum of my past, but i will not say i understand it.
It has been a very emotional and trying time and a lot has changed deep inside and i will not begin to say i understand any of it.
But it has been a journey and of that i am sure.

True to form, when we have someone in the Health Directors position who has interest, there is more work, but it makes work more enjoyable.
It also means that i am tired at the end of the day and it takes time to get my energy back.
For some reason, my cooking skills have improved.
And yes, slowly, very slowly, my sight is getting better.
Posting is not as essential for my health as rest is and that seems to be what i do most.
Tomorrow, the muse may strike me hard and there will but a series of similes and metaphors for you all to read, but today, it is just a plain jane post, my apologies to jane.
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