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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyone was on "happy" pills?

I remember when...
the trees were blooming 
and i did not see them.

I remember when...
the flowers smell beautifully 
and i did not see them.

I remember when...
there was a cool breeze...
but there was no smile on my face.

Toady, that is not so,

I see the trees blooming,

and smell the blooming flowers,

and feel the wind on my face,

caressing it softly like a lovers touch

and i smile.

Today, I though everyone took happy pills.
It has been a very busy 2 days at the lab and lots of things have been accomplished and many new directions made.
When i left, i was tired, but glad.
On leaving, on the side walk were two men, just laughing and carrying on in a very jovial way.
They were not drunk or high, i smiled.
Further down a man was being encouraged while riding his wobbly bicycle, by another, who may have been a bit tipsy, i smiled
Strangers were saying hi, which in this town is unusual and  i immediately responded back.
It was a good walk back. 

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