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Thursday, May 27, 2010

in my head

The thoughts in my head are loud,
they overwhelm the outside confusion,
the outside noise,
the outside misdirection.
I do not always speak those thoughts,
or write them down,
but they are there
and they are not silent.
They are not voices in my head,
they are my own thoughts,
looking deeply into my heart,
looking and what needs to be done,
at how it should be accomplished.
The world is a busy place,
creating distractions
and mis-directions
and wrong turns,
but it no longer influences me,
my thoughts are too loud.
I know what i want,
what i seek from each individual i meet.
It is not hard to find,
but most try to hide it,
behind facades of want and desire and need.
I think i know how to find it.
I think i have found it in each person i meet.

And there is peace.

A full moon rises,
creating chaos,
but not in me.
I am tired of the struggle,
but i will not give up.
I am tired of being tired,
i will not give up.
i struggle,
i go on,
finding new meaning in life each day!
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