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Sunday, May 9, 2010


When i was very young. i had several bouts with the normal childhood illnesses, measles, mumps and chicken pox all in a month period.
 I got through them okay, 'cept the last one in its finishing touch left me with a massive ear infection, which was not caught until it was very late in the game .
My parents thought i was just being a normal child and ignoring what they said till one day with my back turned they asked if i wanted to go out for ice cream.
I did not respond and finally they knew something was wrong.
The doctor cleared up the infection, but damage was done in my left ear to the inner ear.  It not only left me mostly deaf in that ear, it took out that portion of the "balance three.
The three things which we rely on to have balance are the inner ear, our sight and our feet.
 I learned to deal with having just 2, it took longer for me to ride a bike, cross a log over a stream, etc... but i did them.
I overcame it enough to get a black belt in Tea Kwon Do, a kicking martial art.
Now i have lost another element in the balance equation, so i have enough trouble walking on rough ground that i use a cane.
Last night i went to a birthday party and there was food and drink and...dancing.
i used to dance and enjoy it, i can not anymore.  Any sudden movement with my head will make me lose all sense of direction and if i do not hang on to something, i will fall.
I suppose i could slow dance, but i would be hanging on to my partner for dear life, not for any other reason.
So i am missing dancing in a big way.
Not a biggy, but just another limitation to work around.
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