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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back to life

Away from the flowery descriptions of life around me and in me,
i am finding myself a bit too busy and distracted.
Busy at work, with a lot of reliance on what i do and see,
I called out 5 or 6 different serious problems for individuals concerning water quality and none of them had to do with the "Scofield" area.
I have distracted myself by getting involved with several friends, playing games on facebooks.
For my friends on facebooks who do not play games, sorry for the excess game related posts.
I have been scratching at something very deep in memory and mind.
A very dark place that existed in me from a long time ago.
I am looking at it to forgive myself.
It is always one of the harder things for one to do.
We either run rough shod over it or bury it.
I think i did both and i now do not want it directing any part of my life or having any influence.  the best way is to face it and let it go.
This is my process and the games actually help me deal!
There are plenty of metaphorical thoughts in my head, but I want to deal head on and leave the issue behind.
But the weather is warm and that makes me happy and i find it easier to deal with such things when there is a lot of life around.
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