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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How it works

It is bright today,
it is hot, even by my standards and i love it.
The morning walk started with a lite fog,
but people were friendly.
Strangers greeted mt warmly,
even the one who never smiles, was smiling this morning.
i pass a Roman catholic church walking in,
the doors were open and the priest was in the middle of The "Our Father" or the Lord's prayer.
i paused to listen and enjoy the spirit of the place and people
and continued walking.
Closer to work, i was greeted warmly by still another i knew.
It was then i was aware that the battles had been already won for the day.
i thought of the important things i must do when i got into the lab.
"The Lab", what a characterization in just two words.
There were important things to do,
calculated by years of experience and knowledge,
they were first.
The whirlwind attempted to catch me of guard as i entered
and was caught off guard,
for i was prepared...
facts and figures showed the importance.
Peer review and acceptance were its strength.
I did not need to do a things, they stood on their own.
The whirlwind did not stop, but went away
knowing it had lost for the day.
Another friendly encounter, unexpectedly warmed my heart
and then left me to do what i must.
Various people came and went,
like waves upon a rocky shore,
i was not phased.
The end of the day, one last crescendo of activity and
still one more friendly face to pull me out and have lunch.
Home, i slept well
and then woke to greet the warmth i started with.
More to do, but i knew,
still again,
the enemy was at bay and could not touch me.

The evening and its coolness touched me deeply
and at its end, i slept well for still another day.
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