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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An ode to one not here

“Do not fall in love with me!”
She said, as if she had the power to direct my heart,
But she had neither the power,
Nor the right
and my heart did what it knew best.
It freely gave,
With no demands
Or expectations,
Desiring nothing in return,
Except to be allowed to care.
No strings,
No attachments.
Freely given.
My heart cannot be taken,
Nor driven,
Nor directed.
Only given.
One could not ask for it to do more
Nor less,
But there was no asking,
only giving.
“I told you not to fall in love with me”; she exclaimed and left.
The heart was not broken,
Only disappointed,
For it could not be told what to do,
It only did what it knew.
Why the fear of love without demands?
Was it so unusual?
it was told that it was,
but the heart continued unabated,
still seeking for another who would understand.
My heart is at peace with itself and those it touches.
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