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Monday, August 16, 2010

plain information

For clarity i am posting this.
My eyes have made some leaps forward, the doctor in New York had the vision with the reading glasses going through hoops that i did not know they could do...very tiring.
pulled the single image, with the glasses, apart and got my eyes to put them together again.
The distance had less improvement, but improvement.
Additionally there is a real connection between blood pressure and images diplopia, the high the blood pressure, the better the vision.
There is a lot of feeling and activity in the back of my head where all the sight and optic nerves are.
This is also causing movement of the images, lots of movement, like being in an earthquake. with both images vibrating.
The glasses put them together, but at a great cost of energy.
While all of this sounds good, ti is leaving me very fatigued.

Add to this that i am trying to get down to Virginia, by train to see my mom.
My mom is telling people she is at her end, whether it is true or not, is to be seen, her doctors are skeptical of her claim.
She has moved into assisted living, but must sell her condo, which is a mess.
She is leaving that to me.

Work has not been easy, though people still think that i am very easy to talk to, the actual work is difficult and i am not getting any help.

These combined have left me in a physical and emotional roller coaster.
It is keeping me busier than i want to be as i try to let thing, so to speak, come together.
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