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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have been gone for some time now,
And although some refers to the last two weeks when I was away,
I was away for longer than that.
Did the hat and warm winds of July and August freeze my heart?
Or was I lost in a meandering maze of life?

I have no answers,
But the cool winds of September,
Which caused my skin to feel cold,
Forcing me to seek warmth,
Awoke a fire in my heart.
I am no longer waiting for something to happen,
There is purpose in my mind and soul once again.

Oh work will try to hijack that direction again,
But I am only bidding my time there,
There are much more important things to do.
People will cry the sky is falling,
But it is not and they are only distractions.
Things are as they should be.

The garden bore much fruit,
Soon it will be time to put it to sleep,
But not yet.
Preparation, direction, vision.

As those who follow this blog know, I was very absent for a significant time.
I took time to be away and assisted my mother with a move.
She is okay for an 87 year old with health issues and all the scary reports from friends and family were obviously pushed to a different level and I would say there was fear and misunderstanding on their parts.
Then I took 4 days off from that and truly relaxed and that is when I found vision again.
I call it vision, but in simpler terms it is seeing things to be done and a way to do them.
For all of the 2 weeks, I was not exhausted. Working 2 days exhausted me.
2 years to go and I will leave, I hope I can do this.
I found things of value, old photographs from the turn of the last century and of travels taken before I was born.
Small, silly things that meant nothing to anyone else, but me.
I carefully kept all of those and sent them to a safe place and some I brought home.
Downsizing is a difficult thing for anyone who has accumulated all of their lives and that is what I needed to assist with the most.
Heart felt valuables were saved, other things were discarded, given away.
Furniture was put to better use, with other people who did not have much.
I had to learn to sidestep an Aunt who wished to find pleasure in agitation on various subjects, life is just too short to fight and she was extremely helpful otherwise.
I found many lessons learned and in process of learning and that gave even more value to the trip.
I went down by train, which was a marvelous ride, comfortable, easy and in my mind cheap.
The way back promised the same until an engine broke down in New York, but it was okay nonetheless.

I hope to continue to blog, maybe once a week, maybe more.
I will see how it goes.
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