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Monday, September 20, 2010


I was asleep, not awake.
I do not remember when I feel asleep,
But I became unaware of the world around me.
It was not a peaceful sleep,
For there were dreams and nightmares of war and strife,
Against unknown foes, who I could not reach.
My world was dark and full of fear,
And anger,
And despair.
I could have stayed there for endless nights,
But someone saw me
And shook me.
Slowly I arose,
Shaking off the tendrils of sleep
And of despair
And of anger.
The war was real,
But now I saw my foes,
Clearly in the bright light.
They were outlined,
dark shadows in the luminescence of my waking life.
And once more I could fight,
And breath
And live.
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