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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The witching hour

Or is it a time of salvation?
Not midnight,
but I am awakened some nights
In the early morning hours,
By God
Or my own heart,
I can not tell.

At this time,
I wrestle with angels
Or demon
Or myself,
Finding things deep within my soul.

These are what my adventure has been about,
Not the eyesight
and double vision.
Not the balance
or lack thereof,

But this, this struggle for my soul.
And rage,
Comes in an instant
And I seek to understand its depths.

Loss and confusion also comes
And I seek for clarity.
The inability to complete,
things that I start,
With out help
And that help is not always there.

Today my answer was forgiveness,
Above all else
And it has freed me for yet another little while.
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