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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

With abandonment

The currect series of snows, which i dislike intensely, have not left me depressed.
Last nights snow of more than a foot closed schools and i stayed back to clear out so i could go to work safely tomorrow.
The kids were out and with them came small snowball fights.
These were wonderously fun and in the middle of one i stopped and thought.
Before the operation, i was strictly "an adult" and had fun with caution.
Playing at times, throwing snow balls or paper airplanes or footballs or anything else, with any of the children on the street has been done with me putting my whole self into having a good time.
It has been done with abandonment, with my whole heart and i have lost track of time, for a time.
It feels like I have become young again.
It is marvelous.
Back to work, but have fun also.

The cold weather cased me to make a carrot soup, the recipe is below:

Carrot Soup
Joe’s style, thick and spicy

Snowy weather makes me think of soup and a “the next Food network Star” challenge (2010) that failed made me think of carrot soup.

There is body to this soup and some significant heat – I would add plain yogurt to the soup, if you find the heat too much.  If done right the color will be a “dreamcicle” orange, there is a fresh taste of the vegetables and a crunch of the ones added last.

1.    1 pound of peeled carrots, chopped or grated fine
2.    ¼ pound of carrots cubed
3.    6 stalks of celery chopped ¼ inch size
4.    ¼ long green (or turning red) hot pepper, chopped or grated fine
5.    1- 1 ½“ piece of fresh ginger, chopped or grated fine
6.    1 cup milk (low fat or regular)
7.    ¼ cup half & half or heavy cream
8.    The juice of one orange
9.    1 teaspoon of salt
10.    1 tablespoon Fresh parsley
11.    1 cup water

The grated carrot, ginger, parsley, water, orange juice, salt and pepper are placed in a sauce pan and brought to a low simmer and kept there for 30 minutes.  DO NOT let it burn.
Add milk and cream and stir.
Bring back to a simmer and heat for another 10 minutes
Turn off heat, add cubed carrots and celery pieces, and serve within 30 minutes.
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