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Saturday, January 15, 2011


or sucker punched.
My Mom has been saying she is dying (not an unreal statement, we all are) for over two years.
She has used that, along with her sister's not always accurate portrayal of my mom's health to try to push me.
I have been trying to get well enough to travel and i did it once in September.
She then at a cold, did not see a doctor and it went into pneumonia.
For an 88 year old, that is never a good thing.
It feels as if she has stopped trying to manipulate and the truth is there, for whatever time she has left, she needs 24 hour care.
And it is my lap to tie up all the loose ends so this can happen.
I know all the horror stories and i am not real happy about this.
I am exploring other options.
This is not easy.
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