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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Curch of the Redeemer (Episcopal), Houston, Texas

They had the last service there this past Sunday February 20th.
I became aware of this church in the early '70's as a "charismatic" church, one part of the church renewal occuring all over the country, but this one was different.
It had been a dieing Episcopal church in a poorer section of houston, Texas, when a small group of people had a "vision".
They described it in a book called Gathered for Power and what they created was something i call Christian community.
Something different, because the center is a group of people bound together seeking God and love and learning to love each other and those around them.  It works with people around them and different beliefs and was not "knock you down with Jesus" kind of belief.  Think a monastic type living.
That the church is closed does not mean the community is gone because it spread in many places, it is what i am still part of.
It is not sad because so much still lives on and grows all over the world.
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