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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Stamford - The Scap metal "thing"

I do not do much posting on Stamford any more
First, i think Stamford is a boring little town with a weird attitude
Second, i find its politics trite, mean spirited and confusing.
The scrap metal "thing" is a good example to me.
In the trade "Building and equipment maintenance), the common practice is to use what is discarded in a rebuild and use it for the employees benefit (lunch, coffee, etc).   This i get from tradesmen in the industry NOT associated with the city.
The amount is too small to do much else (even though copper is really priced high now).
Remember, many of these trades persons also work in or for corporations, they also get bonuses and significant tips and office parties (even in these tough times and note so do all those bankers who had to get bailed out by us).
As a city employee, I get no bonuses, no merit raises and any "tip" is limited to a value under $50 (even at Christmas).
Any office party is held out of the office, on our own time and at our own expense.
Someone wants to make a big deal.
Now granted any small business owner, who works for himself and or has only an employee or two, has not enjoyed any of the comforts the corporate boys get and have been suffering during this time and i can understand why they get upset, why should anyone get what they can not.  but even they, if they have a customer base do get certain "extras" from their customers (hey, i have been there also).
I still think this is misplaced anger over having to bail out the really rich people, who still partied on all of our backs!
I can think of many other things to get mad at...
btw, did you know that the quasi-empire called the WPCA has had holiday parties every year (except last year) at our expense, they bill you directly now and you can not even deduct that fee!
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