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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer day, 2011

I bump into the benches and trip over the tables.

It is time to go home,

to leave the cold office where the lab is.

I do not like such cold.

I am half way home before the cold from the lab wears off.

i begin to feel the heat

and i like it.

I forget about the day and the work as i walk.

As i walk past the river a breeze begins to blow

and i smile.

It refreshes me, even tho it is  hot breeze,

everything is hot today.

i still do not complain,

it feels good for my soul.

i continue past, the fenced in and closed park.

The park is beautiful, natural, green.

Full of summer flowers and life.

Trees spread a comfortable shade.

They say it is not complete.

I do not want to know what they think of as "complete".

It is beautiful now.

Do they think their concrete can improve on the lush grasses?

i doonot know what they think,

i just want to lay in the grass
and feel the breeze
and the sun
and the shade from the trees.

i reach home, tired,

not from the walk, that was almost refreshing,

but from the work and the strain my eyes face daily

in the cold lab.

My eyes are rested after a short nap and i go outside.

A breeze is blowing, but few others stir,

'cept the trio of giant wasps, playing tag among the roses.

i try to get a picture, but they are too fast.

Most of the plants are thriving in the heat, but i have killed the rosemary again.

The hardy plant, in summer, winter and spring, i have managed to kill.

Others , delicate plants, live and thrive...i doonot know.

The wind picks up and wasps are playing still.

Iced coffee and a cup of gazpacho from garden vegetables keep me company.

it is good.
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