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Friday, September 23, 2011

I am only cook, not a chef - The chili cook-off

Many times you will see different recipes posted - my creations and they are good, but that is on a good day and i have more bad than good.
When i cook well, i do not have an equal..when i don't...call Dominos!

Anyway the purpose of this is for all those who see me posting about food at restaurants.  A chef does things every day and is a professional, i do not profess to be that.  Neverthe less, when some restaurant serves something i cook, it better be at least as good as my best or else they will hear about it!

Anyway, talking of cooking, my house it filled right now with the smell of raosting garlic and i am think of the chili contest to sponser the lower Fairfield County food bank on October 15th From 12 to 3 at the Unitarien Church on 20 Forest St (across fron the Avon).  They will ask for a donation of non perishable food or cash to be a judge/participant/taster.

I will make more so i can get to the 3 Pm end time!

This is me and Irene Hahn last year
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