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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stamford Restaurants - the proliferation of "Mexican"

 The word Mexican is in parenthesis for a reason...
I cook at little Mexican, but is more Tex-Mex than anything - iNever needed anything else because growing up there was just so much very, very good Mexican food around me (in Houston).
Then i came to Stamford and there was nothing...I mean nothing. 
A few years later i found two that could pass and they are still in buisness, nothing fancy, just simple everyday Mexican and in a style that i was familiar with.
Now suddenly there are 6 new  "Mexican" restaurants - I can not stand any of them.
Maryann's - Good place to get drunk - margaritas are okay - i found the food to be tasteless.
Riviera Maya - a step up from Maryann's, but still issues with taste - one other friend called it horrible - i did not find it horrible, but not great
Bar Rosa - I have not been there and do not know anyone who has.
Lolas - I also have not been there, but again i noticed it is absent from OmNomCT .
Now we get a new player - Picante -  They opened last week and gave out samples of Chips and salsa during the Bedford Street Festival.  Based on that taste, i won't be back.  Perhaps i am unfair.
And soon to open, Bar Taco on lower Summer St.
If i am in Stamford, I think i will stick to the following - The Taco Truck near Yerwood center - very, very good, simple California style Mexican
Ole Mole - very good Moles - well put together and taste!
Tacos Guadalajara - simplicity at its best for a Mexican taste.

Outside of Stamford there are many good ones and there are a few smaller places i have not gone, but the new set is the pits!
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