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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just life

I am glad I let Kevin post. Hearing his daughter's story many times brought me to tears.
He and his daughter have been fighting a valiant fight and they are some of the people I draw my courage from.
Now I go back to daily living and work because Friday was a tough one.
Some where in the midst of Government, I have been declared their expert in well water issues. They may be right, but all it does is bring floods of calls so I can barely do my regular work.
There obstacles that do make my head quite literally spin. I was grabbing a lot of furniture on Friday. I left cooking to David tonight, I was too tired.
It was cool today (36 F in the morning), but warmed to 60 in the afternoon. Fall is coming and I can see the reds beginning on the trees. Soon I will be clearing the garden, Oh and yes I do work this weekend also.
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