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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medicine man

well not really.
As my garden begins to fade, it find i am left with the seeds and leaves of some of the plants that have been traditionally used for medicine.
Anise -the seeds with a strong licorice flavor, was traditionally brewed as a tea to calm a stomach and relieve mild respiratory distress in Greece.  My mother passed that on to me and i use it.
The chemistry of it also includes a high vitamin C contant and a mild laxitive.
Mint -Sperment especially is used in cooking all over the world, but makes a wonderfully relaxing tea and the chemistry - menthol relaxes lungs in small doses.
Dill - another wonderful spice, but looking at the seeds, i am seeing a possibility of some insecticidal properties - for flies!  Dead ones seem to be trapped in the mass of seeds as they dry.
My neighbors are ll excited as i collect and dry or procss each, because the history is well known for each of them.
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