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Sunday, October 9, 2011

And you thought you knew why...

Every one thinks that tomorrow is the holiday celebrating "Columbus Day", they are wrong.
Tomorrow is a special day because it is my 32nd anniversary with the City of Stamford as there investigative analytical chemist (that is the actual job, but the title is lab tech).
Those 32 years have been full in every way one can imagine.
I have learned much, i have done much, i have accomplished much.
In all of those years i have tried to do the impossible - of being totally non-political in my work,  maintaining a balance between knowledge, investigation, concern for others well being and compassion.
I have irked supervisors and mayors, the public, coworkers and the US EPA.
Mostly i have given the most honest and straight forward answers that i could.
I have been wrong on some occasions and not been helpful on others.
I have been misguided by supervisors and agencies "above" me. 
I have been continually challenged by the same.
Many, many more times than not, i have been vindicated in my perceptions and conclusions in the environmental field by time.
Many times those conclusions have been adopted as policy or recommendations locally, state wide and nationally.
I many times "ring the bell" when i see something come on the horizon.  Many times, i am ignored until it comes to fruition.
I do not say i told you so, but i do feel vindicated.
I have no problem changing my view, if evidence shows me something else.

So tomorrow, when there are "celebrations" about some old explorer many centuries before, know that this is really a celebration of me.
Thank you!
i am not too conceited!
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