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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A morning, not the best of mornings

This morning started poorly...
yes it was those facts and figures and graphs and such at work.
My eyes - they were bothering me,
but that was one issue that i could resolve - that meant they were still getting better.
But the frustration  while trying to use them!
Frustration - am i the only one looking at things?
Things were missing -
things that i probably would have missed because of my struggle during this long recovery.
Nevertheless, they were missing.
Then one visitor
and another
and still one more
- all work related, but each gave me a bit of relief.
one with information i did not have
another just encoraging me
another with samples, but with a friendly chat.
It made all the problems fade,
not to insignificance,
but they faded anyway!

I finished what i started on and it is now posted on the "other" blog.

It was a good day after all.
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