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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The message this week

It is a slow season at work
(always September and October, always)
and so to keep myself busy i analyze information i have
(this has kept me out of real trouble as i have been known to be mischevious when bored).
In the middle,
i find
i am content many times
not to know.

So while my analyical brain processes and figures
there is now a side that can sit back and say:
"I do not know, it happened and i have no explaination for it!"
This was very good for me after the operation,
(I never asked why i got the tumor, but i did ask why i lived.)

and figures
and graphs.

I am good at this,             
 but they do not really help living.
They do not help with compasion
they do not help with love.   
so i hear this message,
several times
this week
When you do not know
Whne you do not understand
File it in the "i don't know file".
God is bigger than all that we know.
I like that.
it gives me comfort
and joy
and a reason to live.

We have finished with 4 days of beautiful Indian summer, it is getting cooler now...
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