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Monday, October 3, 2011

Out on Staurday night

It was a good Saturday to go out and so off to Fin II we went, where i have never been disappointed.  My friend ordered a "cooked" Special (as opposed to the sushie/sashimi i love) of Red Snapper and gave it a 2 tumbs up.
Then did a little recon around and was surprised to see a number of people at Riviera Maya.  Although when i was there, it was not bad, just not outstanding, others , who i trust, went there and found it to be very disappointing.  So i went in and had an drink and an appitizer.  it was not bad, but i think a bit pricey for taquitos.  My especial margarita was very good (jalepeno), but the person with me was disappoint in the Margarita they had (no liquor, to speak of).
It was chilly, but there is a night life in Stamford
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