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Thursday, October 20, 2011

strange day

it was a strange day,

some phone cals and walk ins of the unusual variety,
but that did not make it strange.
Finding paperwork, i thought was lost,
that did not make it strange.
Waking up too early, to sounds of machines and equipment down the street,
but that was not all that strange, just irritating.

It was me, i was in a strange mood, with my mind sometimes working too well,
sometimes not functioning at all.
There were many times i had lots of light heartness,
some times creeping up to a border of being outlandish.
Some one eating something smelling so good, wanting to pounch and take it away...
joking with another,
helpng someone else,
talking to strangers and friends in this light hearted manner.
Liking the weather, thinking that this 60 something weather is nice,
when i was complaining about it being too cold last week.
Enjoying a fall day and thinking:
"I should be at the addicks resivior, hunting dove with my dad."

it was that i was strange today...
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