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Monday, November 7, 2011

inspiration, copyright, celebration

How do i begin this post?
For many are writing as of late...
Why we blog...
That is easy -
for what started as just a random thing
became very specific regarding my journey of recovery, My Adventure as i call it.
that journey has not ended
and even if my sight were to return to normal tomorrow,
i would still be on that adventure...
For life is a treasure
 and that brings me to the next portion...
For each of you who visits,
or just silent...
is a treasure to me.
And as i visit, sometimes speaking, i am inspired by many things.
I keep treasures,
mementos of the visit for only me to know.
For those who worry about copyrights, I will not take and use with out express permission, i will ask.
But sometimes i take to view on a cold and dreary day,
to lift my heart.
They are stored safely and none else knows or sees.
So for so much inspiration, thank all of you.

And to the last portion -
last night i was taken to a favorite restaurant in Byram/Greenwich a Mexican inspired Tequilla bar (i had 2 margaritas and they were good), Lollitas.
Much food was had at our table - a Red Snapper delight (which i wish i had ordered),
a carne Assada to die for, steak quesadillas and a lime chicken.  a smoked poblamo pepper soup was brought to the table and a marvelous pork taco.
I had a bitr of every ones food cause i forgot it was not Texas and ordered a brisket taco - which was good, but not the Texas brisket flavor i wanted.
It is a pricey place to eat and drink, but if you have the money, worth it.
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