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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have had the great attitude,
but some where in the back of my mind,
I knew, i just knew, that there would be some darkness.
Why?  i do not know,
What set it off?
A myriad of little things.
They add up.
Last year, my mom began to get sick and
 i found myself taking care of her thebest i could.
My birthday and Christmas were kind of forgotten in the need that she had.
But thta was only a piece...some one elses bad mood.
Some one else not available.
Some one else who does not remember.
Not truely significant, each one,
but together they amounted to something that was dark.
and i fid myself groping for light.
The morning will come
and i will be okay,
but for this moment, it isdark.
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