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Friday, December 9, 2011

A little diversion or Curleys

Yea, I went there.
I had not, you know.
Never before,
That little dive called "Curleys".
I respect them,
they fought eminent domain and won,
And I went and it was good.
A typical diner type place -
with the owners speaking Greek to a customer
 (after all what diners in this area are not owned by Greeks?)
And the Wait staff and bus people speaking Spanish.
I wanted a burger, a simple burger, nothing fancy.
There are many burger places coming soon to Stamford -
5 GuysThe Station eats, Plan B Burger to name a few.
There are many places here now - Tiernan's - a nice Irish style pub,
Napa & company  - for the Koby beef burger,  even g/r/a/n/d has gone for burgers.
But i wanted something simple.
I got it medium - i think you can guess why...
But the burger came out - perfect - crispy, medium with juice, full of flavor and it was wonderful.
I ordered the plate, but could not finish all that was there,
but the hanburger had to be done with!
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